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Seattle News Bites!

October 16, 2001

Why we can't win the war on terrorism

We don't mean to sound unpatriotic, because we wholeheartedly condemn the heinous and tragic events of September 11. However, we don't believe that the US and its coalition can win in the long-run, and we're about to tell you why.

  1. Prior to Sept. 11, the economies of the entire world were near recession or in recession. Since Sept. 11, world economies have entered recessions and are quickly heading for a depression.
  2. Company earnings are down with no end to this in sight, personal and business bankruptcies are up, layoffs are increasing, consumer spending is down due to fear and uncertainty, consumer confidence is down, and now, major companies are filing for bankruptcy protection or heading in that direction.
  3. Lots of companies around the globe, and cities too for that matter, who depend upon tourism and travel are suffering greatly due to this war. And unfortunately, with no end in sight and the prospect of a long and drawn-out conflict, many businesses are facing or will face serious and devastating financial troubles. And many cities, who make money with tourists are suffering and will only suffer more as time goes by because people around the globe are scared to travel.
  4. And what have our efforts accomplished so far? Bombing a country into oblivion which has practically no military to begin with, whose people are starving, live in great poverty, lack education, and whom have faced such horrific hardship for ten years!
  5. We don't really understand what we're up against. We're fighting Bin Laden and terrorism like it's a country or political organization. Fact is, that's wrong!
  6. Right now, Bin Laden is using anthrax to scare the public and it's working! We're scared! And what if he decides to use something far more deadly the next time? Are we really willing to take that chance? Our opinion is NO.
  7. Bush has never had any foreign policy from day 1! And he's walking a tightrope within the Arab world, making "deals with the devils" like Saudi Arabia and Syria to gain their cooperation. How can we justify going after terrorists in those nations when they're suppose to be our friends and we need their bases and support? We have a message to Mr. Bush: you can't have it both ways!
  8. And what about Israel? Unlike the Gulf War, where the Arab world was on our side, not because they agreed with or liked us, but more so out of fear that their own country would be next to fall, Israel won't stay out of this if attacked. And why should they? If a country is attacked, they have a right to respond. It's like the Israelis telling the US not to respond to Sept. 11 because it will increase the likelihood of their being attacked. Besides, who knows better than Israel how to battle terrorism; a country that's been fighting it for 50 years! That's who we really should be "kissing-up" to! Not countries like Saudi Arabia.
  9. We're never going to wipe-out terrorism. We probably will make some major dents, but never eliminate it completely. It's like the drug war, can make dents but there will be someone else waiting in the wings to take over. But unlike the drug war, terrorist operatives are all over the world, including in several coalition member countries.

Our opinion:

A long and drawn-out conflict will be economically devastating to global economies, including our own! And it's not worth the effort because you'll never eliminate the threat of terrorism. We have to be content with living with it, but that doesn't mean we have to tolerate it. Beef-up our own national security, and urge all coalition members to do the same. Share intelligence to prevent or minimize the next attack.

Going after terrorists on their "home turf" is a giant mistake because of their global nature and the fear of chemical and biological weapons being used against us. We can't risk it! Saddam Hussein isn't stupid, has political goals, and doesn't want to die because he craves and loves power. But the Bin Ladens of the world believe it's an honor to die for the cause (become martyrs), and using religion as the cause is extremely powerful and motivating. The Bin Ladens of the world will kill anyway they can, and we just can't risk the threat of deadly biological or chemical weapons being used against us.

But this notion of stamping-out terrorism once and for all--it's clearly not an achievable goal! We should get out now! Terrorists now know that the world won't sit ideally by while they kill our citizens, and that we'll be on our guard from now on. But an all-out war is just not winnable.

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