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Seattle News Bites!
April 25, 2001

Local News' Headlines

Missing from yesterday's issue was KIRO TV-7, so today, we're going to focus on them. Here are some stories from the 1st half hour of their 6 AM broadcast:

14 minutes into the broadcast came the story about the FAA report on delays at the nation's 31 busiest airports. By the way, Sea-Tac didn't make the top 8!

17 minutes later came real brief coverage of the Antartic rescue mission being delayed. Followed by Robert Downey Jr. being arrested and terminated from the Ally McBeal show, playing part of the 911 tape of the CA busyard shooting, and the report on school bullying on the rise.

Network news' top stories

Now you decide which is more important:

Maria Cantwell's fundraiser, negligence charges against a ship, the top paid state employees, OR

The notion that the US may actually use military force against China should they attack Taiwan, major flooding in the Midwest, wildfires threatening the Everglades, and airport delays at almost every major airport in the nation!

And what do you think of this one?
On Q13's 10 PM broadcast, the story about Maria Cantwell's fundraiser came BEFORE Puget Sound Energy's getting the ok to charge different rates depending upon the day!