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Seattle News Bites!
April 28, 2001

In today's edition, we're going to look at KOMO TV-4's 8 AM broadcast. Here's a rundown:

Local News' Top Stories

"Your Money" Segment
Network news' top stories Network News' Top Business Stories:

As usual, we've got some pretty interesting things to say about this.
  1. Does anybody thinks the story about "toilet-papering" is remotely IMPORTANT? Or MORE IMPORTANT than the ferry rate hike clearing another hurdle? This is a story which belongs in the local Snohomish paper.

    By the way, in case you didn't hear about it:

    A Snohomish woman sent her adolecent children to the store to buy toilet paper. The store REFUSED TO SELL it to them due to the rash of toilet-papering in the area. A Snohomish policeman, who was interviewed, had said he has never heard of such a thing and honestly couldn't believe it.
    This is not only more important, but is also a nice and funny human interest event. However, neither of these should be considered TOP stories.
  2. Don't you angree that an SEC investigation into Bezos is MORE IMPORTANT than Microsoft's Balmer being named Top CEO?
    OH, BY THE WAY! 27 minutes into their broadcast was the story about JC Penny closing its Kent store after 72 years. Think this might just be important? or at least more important than Balmer?
  3. Do any of you agree that Andy Williams being tried as an adult for the school shooting in California deserves coverage? Especially considering the recent rash of shootings. Perhaps this ruling will send a message to others: Don't kill kids! or you'll face SEVERE consequences.
  4. And how about a MAJOR antitrust case being dismissed? Or the Napster ruling? Think these should have, at least, been mentioned?