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Seattle News Bites!
May 6, 2001

In today's edition, we thought we would offer some commentary on the issue of space tourism.

As most of you know, the world's first space tourist, US millionaire Dennis Tito has just returned to Earth after spending a week in space aboard the International Space Station. NASA, the US space agency, had been very open and public about its objection to his trip, and as a result, Tito was not allowed into the US portion of the space station. Instead, he had spent the entire journey with the Russians.

We believe that NASA was wrong in its objections and, quite frankly, missed an excellent PR opportunity!

Fact is, Tito had trained extremely hard, had taken his trip seriously, and had passed all the required tests that real astronauts do, so why shouldn't he be allowed into space?.

Should money be the driving force in determining who should go? ABSOLUTE NOT! But if someone is intelligent enough, physically fit, serious about it, and willing to pay "big bucks," then why not? Besides,

NASA could certainly use the money to help fund legitimate projects and experiements

The bottom-line is:

How did NASA blow this?