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Seattle News Bites!
May 25, 2001

We're back to our usual format, where we compare our local news broadcasts to those of the networks.

Local News' Top Stories

Network news' top stories

With regards to the day's biggest story, the building collapse in Israel, we ask you:
  1. How do you explan our local morning broadcasts missing this story entirely?
  2. And how do you explain our local stations not even mentioning it until 15 minutes into their 5 PM broadcasts? And after stories which are relatively minor by comparison?
Is it because it's not important? Or no local connection? The heck with local connections!! A story this tragic demands coverage, and is more important than anything happening around locally! Our local news treats the public like we're stupid and live in a box.

Fact is, the Northwest is not the most important region of the world, and every little event that occurs here is not worth coverage.

A real tragedy, which was captured on tape and watched all over the world should come first!!

Tell our local stations to grow-up!!! and cover stories of true importance first! Let them know that we're not as dumb as they believe!

Until then, they'll continue to miss major events like this!

And look at yesterday's coverage of Jeffords' defection. What was our local news commentary focused on: How it affects us?

The answer is simple: The same as the rest of the country.

To equate a shift in the US Senate as having an impact on the Northwest is ludicrious! Changes in Congress affect the entire nation!

Now you tell us: Why can't the local media see it?