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Seattle News Bites!

May 26, 2001

First of all, we would like to say that we hope everyone has a happy and safe Memorial Day holiday! We realize that it's the unofficial start of summer and party season, but be careful because cops will be out in force, so if you're going to party, don't drink and drive!

In today's edition, we're going to look at some of the stories our local news thought were important.

Local News' Top Stories

And now, the major stories you either didn't hear about, or were totally glossed over by our local broadcasts:

Who cares about pigs on parade!!!! And why is it that our local news had time for coverage of that, when they missed many of the day's major stories!

Worse yet, was the fact that some of our local stations, like KOMO 4 and KING 5 devoted more time to this, than the building collapse in Israel! And KING 5, during their 5 PM broadcast even put the pig story immediately before it.

Now we ask you: Is a pig parade really a news story?

And come on! interviewing people's reactions and providing detailed coverage on the artist who built many of these!

Newsflash people, it's not that important!!!