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Seattle News Bites!

May 27, 2001

In this morning's edition, we're examining KING 5's 7 AM broadcast, and you'll be amazed at what we found:

Local News' Top Stories

Network news top stories


Once again, clear examples of relatively minor stories taking priority over major ones!
Plenty of time in the broadcast for discussion of the UW crew team and the "pig parade," but NO time for a story like 20 people being kidnapped.

And a huge riot in England, which capped months of racial tension, takes a backseat to stories such as the Water Taxi service and additional ferries being added.

And let's not forget about sports. Our sports reporter just had to include the fact that a former Husky assisted in the 76'ers game.

Newsflash: That fact is neither important nor relevant as most NBA players came from a college. Which college is only important to the college itself, but not the general public.