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Seattle News Bites!

June 1, 2001

In today's edition, we are going to focus on 2 breaking and developing stories our local news MISSED at the time!

The networks were covering these stories when they broke at around 3:30 or 4 PM, and new details were still emerging when our news went on the air at 5 PM.

But what did our local 5 PM broadcast lead off with:

  • Protests over a local shooting.

    Even worse is that some local stations had failed to mention it completely! As did several of our 11 PM broadcasts!

    But they were all over the Idaho standoff.

  • We just find it totally unbelievable that ANYONE would not lead off with these!

    Quite frankly, NOTHING LOCAL can compare to a major terrorist attack and a Royal Family being murdered!

    And let's look at the Seattle Times and PI's Saturday papers. Did they give priority to a terrorist attack: NO!

    Instead,they had devoted more frontpage coverage to the local protests over a shooting than the killing and wounding of dozens of teenagers in the worst terrorist attack in 8 years!

    This just goes to show how OUT-OF-TOUCH with reality our local news is!