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Seattle News Bites!

June 5, 2001

We could have devoted today's edition to many of the stories making news that our local media missed, but instead, we decided to present some commentary on our local news coverage of sports.

While we can fully understand the reasoning for devoting the majority of time to local sports, what we just cannot understand is why our local news consistently fails to put professional sports above the rest.

For example, let's take a look at our 6:30 PM broadcast. After covering the Mariner's 12th victory!! Yahoo!! what did some of our stations just have to mention: the local folks in the baseball drafts.

Not only did this come before Jerry Rice's decision to play for the Oakland Raiders, but our news also MISSED Serina William's defeat to Jennifer Capriati; utterly amazing considering she had 11 double faults during the match! Next up, Martina Hingas!

Is this the first time our local news has missed major sports stories? Of course not!

In fact, most of our local reporters missed the results of the Senior PGA tour. Granted, not everyone is a golf fan, but this is certainly more important than high school sports!

And many of our local reporters gave Gary Payton's contract negotiations top billing, while putting less emphasis on the Stanley Cup playoffs!


We think our local news is misguided and should learn that professional teams take priority over local!

And high school coverage isn't even remotely important! Where does it belong? In school papers.

What's your opinion?