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Seattle News Bites!

June 19, 2001

Watching our various local news broadcasts today up to 7 PM, we couldn't help but notice how many stories were either missed or placed way towards the bottom!

Just take a look at these missed or low priority--mostly missed--stories and see whether you can find a reason why:

However, our news certainly had plenty of time for stories like geese protesters, hopes for releasing an orca back into the wild, and the EMP celebrating it's 1 year birthday!


We can't help but wonder why our local news just hasn't been devoting much coverage at all to the mysterious disappearance of the Washington, D.C. intern Chandra Levy.

Chandra, who interned for US Congressman Gary Condit, has been missing for 7 weeks!

So far, no ransom request has been received, no trace of her has been found, no one knows whether she's been kidnapped or murdered, no money has been withdrawn from her bank account, and the FBI is still investigating.

Her mother, Susan has recently come forward claiming that Chandra told her she was having a relationship with the Congressman; something the Congressman says is untrue.

And in the latest development, her father, Robert, said he had called a number which appeared several times on her phone records; a number which turned out to be the Congressman's pager. The Congressman reportedly called him back after 5 minutes, during which time the two had an awkward conversation.

Rumors are circulating that the Congressman may somehow involved, although no evidence has been released showing this, and the Congressman himself has denied both having an affair with Chandra and being involved in her disappearance.

Many are wondering why the Congressman has been relatively silent, not speaking-out more in public about her disappearance, especially given the rumors around their possibly having an affair.

We're almost 100% positive that if Chandra was from the Northwest, or if she interned for a Washington State Congressman, the story would be receiving a great deal of coverage!

Just another example of how our local news is out-of-touch with what happens in the world!