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Seattle News Bites!

August 6, 2001

We took a little vacation, but we're back and ready to rumble. In today's edition, we're going to offer some commentary on stories our local news missed during the last day of Seafair. Let us know your thoughts!


Seafair is an annual event which runs from July through early August. The finale includes hydro races and a performance by the Blue Angels.

Now we're not fans particularly of the hydros, but do enjoy greatly watching the Blue Angels.

But let's get real: this DOESN'T mean those stories should supercede MAJOR ones! But that's exactly what our local news does.

They'll cover every little detail about the preparation for the hydro races, but MISS ENTIRELY news stories which are much much more important.

Bottom line, our local news broadcasts can be summed up as follows: local events (no matter how unimportant), weather, traffic, and the Mariners.

Grow up! The world doesn't revolve around the Northwest and there are other important events making news around the world.

Stop treating the public as if we're living in a cave. Lots of us come from outside this area and remember when local news broadcasts gave you a nice combination of local, national and world events. Seems you've forgotten this!

Now let's focus on some major stories missed by our local news during the Seafair weekend.