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Seattle News Bites!

August 20, 2001

As our loyal readers know, our purpose is to point-out how our local news misses major national and world events, while having time for minor and relatively unimportant local stories. Well, yesterday was a sheer embarrassment!! And, in our opinion, can only be explained by either incompetitence or stupidity!

Using King TV-5 as our example, during their noon broadcast, while they were focusing on stories like a Kirkland beach being closed and the quality of our air, the networks were rivited by a DEVELOPING and BREAKING story! Finally, at the VERY VERY END (roughly 12:27 PM) did King TV-5 tell viewers about the story and that details would come later during their evening broadcast.

Now, how can ANYONE miss covering this story? Especially since it was going-on DURING the broadcast!

  1. Can it be they didn't want something ahead of their competition?
  2. Is it because it's not important?
  3. Is it because they didn't even know about it while the networks were devoting tremendous coverage almost 1/2 hr beforehand?
  4. Is it our reporters aren't capable of handling a story like this?
  5. Is it because there's no "NORTHWEST connection?"
  6. Or could it be because the broadcast isn't live?
Either way, we can't find an excuse for MISSING it! But what do you expect from local news organizations who cover the wildfires as if Washington State is the only one buring--hint, hint 9 Western states are on fire! And organizations who failed to even mention that the NYC cop accused of being drunk and running over a family, killing a 24 year-old pregnant woman, her unborn child, and her sister, gave a press conference where he asked that people not pre-judge him and see him as a monster.