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Seattle News Bites!

August 21 2001

We thought yesterday's missing of the killing rampage in Sacramento by King TV-5 was an embarrassment, but what we saw today has to take the cake.

On the front page of the Seattle Times was a HUGE article about the Mariners' Ichiro!

We just cannot understand what the editors of the Seattle Times must have been thinking to put a story like that on the FRONT PAGE, while stories like these got MUCH LESS coverage or buried:

  1. the Ukranian man in Sacramento who went on a killing spree resulting in the deaths of 6 members of his family and the on-going nationwide manhunt for his capture,
  2. the decision by long-time Senator Jesse Helms not to run again for Congress, and
  3. discussion of Condit's upcoming interview on Thursday with correspondant Connie Chung.
We realize that local events are the main focus of the Seattle Times and the local media, but COME ON!
We think that you should grow-up and realize that the general public is not stupid nor ignorant!