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Seattle News Bites!

August 30-31, 2001

Now we've mentioned in past editions some stories we found to be a total embarrassment to our local news, but this takes the cake by a long shot! While our local reporters LEAD-OFF WITH stories like:

  1. Continuing investigation into the Artic Rose,
  2. Slowdowns in ferry service,
  3. Local residents being scammed out of money, and
  4. Beach closures
The networks were focusing on:


HOW could our local television news justify providing NO COVERAGE WHATSOEVER to the Aug 30 story about 7 people found murdered in Souix City, Iowa?

The victims included a mother and her 5 children, plus a man found outside the house.

  1. Anybody think this story isn't horrifying and a real tradegy? NO!
  2. Anybody think it's unimportant? NO!
  3. Anybody see a reason for missing it? NO!
Why is it that our local broadcasts still had plenty of time for cooking and soap opera segments, but NO time for this mass killing?

Is it that our local reporters feel viewers are too stupid to handle a story like this? Or maybe they feel the public just wouldn't care? Or perhaps it's that the reporters themselves couldn't handle a mass killing story?

Regardless of why, MISSING a MAJOR story like this is, in our opinion, shear incompetitence and embarrassing!