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Seattle News Bites!
December 3, 2001 Late Edition

What's the big deal about the arrest of a suspect in the Green River killings?

Why has our local news been making the arrest of Ridgeway, a suspect in 4 of the Green River killings from roughly 20 years ago out to be the "biggest story around?"

Now don't get us wrong, we clearly believe that it's an important story, but come on! does it really deserve 10 or 20 minutes of coverage?

Now some of you might say yes! considering that 49 people were killed during the course of the Green River killings, but 20 years ago doesn't justify our local news' "beating this story to death."

Especially since stories like these listed below got far less attention (say a minute or 2, or no time at all!):

So we ask you,
What justified so much coverage being devoted to Ridgeway, or our few inches of snow for that matter, when stories like these above happened during the same time?