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Seattle News Bites!

September 24, 2001

Thank you all! For you are the real-life heros, and will never be forgotten!

The tragic events of September 11th will not only be forever engrained in the hearts of every American, but has also touched the hearts of people all over the world. Despite the loss of thousands, and perhaps tens of thousands of innocent lives, and the destruction of a major world landmark, the World Trade Center, there are some positives that have emerged.

It shows that New Yorkers, and people from all over this great land of ours for that matter, truly come together in times of crisis.

If anything positive has emerged out of these events, it has to be that people all over the world, nomatter what race, color, culture, or religion, are all deeply saddened and touched by what has happened. And perhaps that's what the terrorists hate most of all--that we can all come together and share in each others pain.

And lastly, to the Bin Ladens of the world, and those supportive of his behaviors, we have a message for you: We won't put up with it anymore!

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