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Seattle News Bites!

Remember when you could turn to your local news and actually get the day's top stories? Or when you could miss the first 1/2 hr of a full hour broadcast and get a quick recap at the beginning of the second?

Well, those days are gone! Today, local news covers practically all LOCAL story at the EXPENSE of major national and world news.

And many of these LOCAL ones are just plain "bull."

But if you want the REALLY top stories, you have to turn to the NETWORKS!

Are they "cheating" the public? We contend that news, regardless of whether it's local or not, should be prioritized, giving viewers the major ones first and then the rest. Now we're not saying local news shouldn't focus on local stories, but we do feel they should be put into perspective.

Bottom-line: NETWORKS prioritizes their stories in order of importance, LOCAL NEWS DOESN'T!

The purpose of our site is to point-out clear examples of this and let you be the judge!

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